Discuss the philosophical views of the Enlightenment.  What ideas are still within mainstream Western society today?  Which ideas do you think were especially important developments for their day?

From the readings of extracts of Rousseau, we come to a conclusion that the views presented by him are a reflection of the philosophical views of the enlightenment. He has presented us Avery artistic and generic way of human intellectual and generosity as we can get many inferences which would reflect the aforesaid mentioned facts from his extracts and briefings. When he describes about the goodness and evil nature of man he suggests us with an idea of how the behavioral nature of man may be kept in control by itself. When he speaks of equality then we get to know about the justice he makes to the nature of man and its nature that is to be destined by itself and the possessions.


John Locke argued that the character of individuals and societies were not fixed but could be changed through education, rational thought, and purposeful action; people have the power to change government policies- or even their form of government. Benjamin Franklin became a deist (a way of thinking, not an established religion). He invented bifocal lenses for eyeglasses, the Franklin stove, and the lightning rod. Believed a Supreme Being created the world, then allowed it to operate by natural laws, and did not intervene in history or in people’s lives