Question: What are the critical issues that a company must consider when trying to establish an effective training program?

Training Program:

Training programs are designed by the company in which they trained their employees and provided opportunities to learn specific skills. Training programs are compulsory for the organizations because by this organizations can get quality work from their employees. (DL Goetsch, 2014)

Establishing of Training Program:

Creating training programs for the employees is important. Organizations must consider some critical points before developing training programs. These key points are discussed below:

  • Identify Training Needs: It is most important to identify the training requirements of the organization. First, assess why employees need training and what skills they need to train. Through the identification of training needs organization just focus on that and thus they can create an effective training program. It is also determined that training is conducted by whom, a learner or a trainer.
  • Training Objectives: After the assessment of training needs, the organization needs to find the gap between the required skills and existing skills in their employees. By this, organizations can set the training objectives.
  • Create Action Plan: After that, it is important to make training action plan in which a detailed plan is discussed and includes learning theories, content materials and also training elements. Also, the methods adopt for training is discussed.
  • Implementation: After the action plan, the training program is implemented and in that organization decides that where this training program supposed to be conducted. In the proper implementation, organizations schedule the training activities and also provide all related equipment. At this stage training program is officially conducted and promoted and employees get training through that. Also, the employee’s participation and progress are monitored to evaluate the effectiveness of training program.
  • Evaluation: By the monitoring of employees participation and performance, it can be quickly assessed that training program is effective or not. It is analyzed that the training program meets the desired goals or not. For this feedback is conducted from all the stakeholders. Feedback is evaluated and by this the effectiveness of training program is check. And if weakness is found in the training program then the action plan is revised and again implements it.

By these organizations are able to develop an effective training program. Every organization establishes training program by considering these steps and issues. (Designing and implementing training program)