How do you plan to apply NVC? What situations?  What support might you need?

NVC is a great source to resolve conflicts in professional and personal life. I personally plan to apply NVC at almost everywhere to be effective in understanding the views and needs of other and let them understand them mine. The whole idea is based on respect for each other. I would like to incorporate the different steps of the NVC to my dealings.

To talk about some specific situation(s) I believe, being a supervisor to a team or being a business owner we are carried away by the power that we possess. If one is a believer in NVC, he/she would try to create an environment of trust and respect. This would make the organization successful towards the achievement of its goal.

I believe that NVC is a process that has the capacity to engage others in dialogue. Even if they are more powerful than you. The process in itself is a great form of support in my opinion.