Speech on course experience

The purpose of this speech is to reflect on my course experience in overall and specifically on my performance and what I earned in terms of learning from different class activities during this course. This has been a profound experience that lasted for a whole semester and I wish I would again have opportunities like these. I participated in the class, had fruitful discussions, yes, I missed some of the classes, and met the criteria for the time. I would provide an insight to all these and many other issues in the coming part of the speech.

Let’s first start with my class experience. I tried my best to be at the class for all the classes. I did miss a couple of classes but my friends were kind enough to update me with the information that was delivered to them during the class. I must confess that attending the class an important aspect of the course work and once you have missed the class, there is no other way you can be compensated fully for that experience. So, my friends did try their best to update me with the information that was delivered to them during the class, but I still feel that might not have been enough and must have attended the class. Therefore, I regret missing any class.

Now let’s talk about the class discussions. I used to engage in many class discussions with all the class at once or in groups. Class discussions are a part of the class work that cannot be replaced with anything else. It provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my learning and introspect my understanding about the course material that we were provided. I was able to make my assessment of how good I am as part of a group and what I need to change to become a better part of the group and hence become a better part of the overall community. Sometimes, I would have a question that I considered the most difficult question in the whole world, but when I would put it forward in the class discussion, there would be many students who would help me and together we would solve the riddle.

Just like anyone else, I was also supposed to turn in assignments and other work as part of successfully completing the course. There was an occasion where I was late for some of it, but I had valid reasons and the teacher was kind enough to compensate it. Talking about the utility of this work, it provided me with an opportunity to be creative and research topics of my interest on the internet and at the university library. Especially this course was related to my communication skills. I think that the assignments provided me to enhance my communication skills as I have learned about my strengths and weaknesses while I communicate and I am trying on making improvements in my overall communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal.

As taking this kind of course was a unique experience for me, I did have issues in coping with some of the course material. This would be reflected on my gradebook as I expect a B grade for this course. I know this is an average score but I am happy with it as the course might not fully reflect the whole learning experience that I have had. It has provided me a foundation for other courses like this and I hope to do well in other related course in the future. And then, we should not work for grades only I guess. I mean is it only grades that we are after. Some of you might be thinking, yes, which is something that I also think. But I think learning is a lot more than just expecting a better grade. I don’t say we shouldn’t get a good grade, but if we don’t and we have had an excellent learning experience, the course was worth it.

I would like to conclude my speech by stressing on the importance of this course once again. I made good friends during this course, learned a lot, became a better persuader, learned to give and get feedback and learned to express my views in a better way. There is a lot that I will be taking with me from this course and I am happy to have attended this course.

Thanks You!