I support greatly the increased use of both genetically modified food and organic polyculture. The genetically modified foods are identified by an alteration of gene profile using genetic engineering techniques. The ultimate intention of such modification of gene is always to ensure both plant and animal yield increase. Although the genetic modification of organisms is normally seen as a way of encouraging population increase of a given species, its advantages have outdone the population increase disadvantage.

Either insertion or elimination of a required gene is normally established during an organism modification process by the use of gene technology, with species mating being the ultimate characteristics (Bouis, Chassy, & Ochanda, 2013). In this, the achieved outcome of the entire process will always engage an offspring with rapid growth genes, which are resistance diseases, among other advantages. On the other hand, organic polyculture is normally associated with multiple crops cultivation in the same space of land by the use of organic methodologies. The advantage of such farming method is realized biodiversity preservation and nutritious food provision to consumers. Therefore, my support for both genetically modified organisms and organic polyculture is entirely based on the above advantages.