As a manager it is imperative to your teams success that you show drive and initiative. How would you incorporate your positive ways in a plan to motivate your employees? How would you assess the effectiveness of this plan?

The very first thing I would do is lead by example. When a leader is motivated and excited about their job and what they do on a daily basis, then it follows that there is a much better chance that the staff will also return this attitude. So the very first thing I want my team to see is that I actually care, and that I am as invested as they are in the overall process of making the goals and getting the company to where it needs to be on a daily basis. This will mean that I am on the front line with them so that I am visible and I am able to convey my sincerity instead of just looking like an individual who is putting on a mask. I will motivate my employees by being there every single day and making sure that they know how much I can about the job and how much I care about the results. My past experiences have shown me that when a leader cares this rubs off on the people around them. I am even more likely to learn better from teachers who clearly are passionate about what they are teaching. I suppose it can be called the law of positive attraction. I believe by being there every single day and being a part of the process then I could see firsthand who was motivated and who was able to really push past their limits and get passionately involved into the process. I should also be able to see the individuals who are not working hard or are not showing interest in meeting the common goals of the project we are working on. I could also adjust my methods if I am so directly involved because I am so personally involved and this can also help me assess the exact effectiveness of my different approaches and methods.