Effectively communicate with and evaluate your team

In today’s diverse, global economy, how would you effectively communicate with and evaluate your team in a way that promotes teamwork and encourages active communication in all forms?

In my opinion, the best way to encourage communication is to allow for there to be room for communication. How can people be expected to talk when there is no platform on which people can communicate? The best way to communicate can therefore be the weekly or monthly meetings in which the people on the team are allowed to voice concerns and opinions and talk to each other. I would also say that there are activities and measures I could take to promote teamwork. Things like outings or training exercises that allow the team to meet and see each other as a cohesive team. It has always meant a lot to me when my employers have taken me and my coworker’s out of the work space and let us communicate in a free and open manner unrestricted by the walls and rules of the office. However, since it was a work event the decorum and the respect was always still there, it was just a way to allow us to see a new side of each other which allowed us to find common ground form which stronger relationships grew as a group and on personal levels. My evaluations would also be focused on the way that the people on the team interact and resolve their issues with each other. This would allow me to assess whether or not more work needs to be done with regard to building comradery amongst the team members.