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  • Question 1

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Which of the following is the most comprehensive?
Selected Answer: 1.

Code of ethics

  • Question 2

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A code of ethics that does not address specific high-risk activities within the scope of daily activities is
Selected Answer: 3.


  • Question 3

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Which of the following is not a common value that should be included in a code of ethics?
Selected Answer: 5.


  • Question 4

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Fostering ethical decision making within an organization requires improving the firm’s ethical standards and
Selected Answer: 2.

terminating the ‘bad apples’ in the organization.

  • Question 5


Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of implementing an ethics program with a compliance orientation versus one with a values orientation. Is one better than the other at maintaining an ethical organization?
Selected Answer: Version 1: An ethics program with a compliance orientation is one in which the the employeees are punished whenever they fail to behave in upright manners. The disadvantage of this is scaring the employees into behaving in the manners that are expect of them. The employees who make mistakes are more than likely to lose their jobs in this orientation. An ethics program with a values orientation works to instill a common way of thinking amongst all employees that work within the same organziation. The advantage of this kind of program is that every employee is on same wave length, mentally. The disdavantage of this kind of program is that very little room for mistakes are tolerated and the employeees are not afforded any second chances to redeem themselves.

Version 2: Value and compliance orientation are both helpful in making the employs of an organization aware of the ethical issues. But both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Compliance orientation is mostly related to the implementation of legal standards. Each employ has to comply with the ethical standards that come under this category otherwise they will have to face disciplinary actions against them. The advantage of this approach is that there is a surety that ethical standards will be followed as there are legal consequences. The disadvantage is that the employs do not think that they have a choice and hence they might consider a kind of burden.

Value orientation on the other hand is based on ethical values that are accepted by the employs by themselves. Its advantage is that the employs accept them from their heart and not a lot of convincing is needed. The disadvantage is that the employs feel that they have a choice of either adopting to these ethical standards or not adopting to them.

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  • Question 6

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____ serve as a central contact point where critical comments, dilemmas, and advice can be assigned to the person most appropriate for handling a specific case
Selected Answer: 1.


  • Question 7

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It is important for ethics programs to differentiate between organizational ethics and
Selected Answer: 4.

personal ethics.

  • Question 8

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Which of the following statements about codes of conduct is false?
Selected Answer: 1.

They guarantee an ethical business climate.

  • Question 9

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Which of the following is not a goal of an ethics training program?
Selected Answer: 2.

To control employees’ personal ethics and moral beliefs

  • Question 10

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For an ethical compliance program to properly function
Selected Answer: 4.

consistent enforcement and disciplinary action are necessary.

  • Question 11

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A strong ethics program includes all of the following elements except
Selected Answer: 2.

an ethics officer with a record of misconduct.