Course Reflection

This class was beneficial to me because in some of the areas it forced me to think outside of what I already know an in other areas it forced me to rethink the way I was seeing situations. So often I look to my own experiences to justify my opinions of things and in the case of this class there are areas that I felt confident until faced with some of the additional information that made me feel that there was a lot more for me to learn. I felt this in particular when I looked at the chapters on the roles that managers play in terms of how important and multifaceted they are. I always felt they were important but I also never really stopped to think of the many different hats that managers have to wear. I also think that the forms in the class were also fascinating for me because I do not get to see them very often so actually seeing the role they play was an eye opener. I also really appreciated the part of the course that went over the difficulties and realities of reviews that a manager has to make. It really is a hard position to be in and there are just so many different things that must be considered when doing this job. I believe the class was able to let me see all of this in a manner that was wider than before and definitely better informed than before.

I liked the format of the class and believe it did everything that it could in terms of being relevant to my specific goals in terms of work. I would have liked to see more interaction and more ability to have open debates about the specifics of the positions as well as the opinions of others in a more interactive manner. However I do realize that this can be very hard since this is an online course. If there was more of a way to have really open and interactive debates then I believe that I would be able to learn even more about perhaps dealing with difficult reviews ot performance issues that can come up in the actual working world. Maybe this could be conducted in a regular course that covers this same information.