Hospitality Management Final Course Reflection

This course has been a great source of understanding hospitality management. Before participating in this course, the hospitality industry seemed to me a simple combination of hotels and restaurants but after I have been a part of this course, I have come to realize that there is a lot more to it. For example the course book titled, “Introduction to Hospitality” had divided the whole concept of hospitality management to four parts that made it easy for me to digest. The concepts that I enjoyed the most were related to hoteling business. I am personally interested to join the hotel business. This course had taught me the different aspects of managing a hotel like the issues related to the ownership of a hotel and hotel development.

Class discussions proved to be vital in brainstorming different ideas. For example we had a discussion about what attracts a person to the hospitality business. This discussion brought up many interests that different students had. Some students were interested in the profitability of the hospitality business while others loved hoteling just like I do.

We also got to discuss different readings from the text book. I recall that in one of the discussion I provided an overview of chapter 7. One of the takeaway from the chapter was about the importance of service level in attracting the customers. I still think that quality of services must not be compromised at any cost to attract more and more customers to a hotel, restaurant, leisure park or any other hospitality management related business.

I was also able to learn about the importance of leadership in hospitality management. I hope when I get into the hoteling business, I would try my best to apply the leadership strategies, especially the strategy of being a leader with a sense of humor.

It was a great course and I hope to participate in more such courses and programs.