Write a sample job description of any job you choose. Include title, job summary, essential functions, job requirements and qualifications, and any other needed information.

Job Title

Computer IT Support

Job Summary

This job requires an individual to act as a support to the overall IT department as well as the general office departments. This position requires an individual who is able to deal with a very important and highly hectic role in an office that is equally as hectic. The position works as a customer service oriented one that demands that the customers, i.e. the employees of the individual departments, are treated just as any other customer would be. The specifics of the position also need the candidate to have a thorough knowledge of the multiple software systems that are utilized by the company. This software covers both the usual external hardware as well as the more specialized internal software that the company utilizes. Basic understanding of the internal software is sufficient as there will be extensive training that will be ongoing. However, there must be expansive understanding of external hardware issues as well and those are an expectation upon hiring and only minimal support will be given in terms of training.

Essential Functions

The essential functions of this position can be broken down into two sections. The first section of the functions covers the actual IT position in terms of the hardware and software support that needs to be given; this requires experience and a degree or certificate of ability. The second major function is that of customer service which an essential and critical function of this position.

Requirements & Qualifications

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in IT/ Computer Science or the equivalent in certificates or work experience.



For the job that you wrote a description for in Module 1 –do a mock review – write one review assuming the employee is performing satisfactorily and help them set new goals – write a second one assuming the employee is performing unsatisfactorily  – be sure all comments/goals/punishments are legal and attainable according to the texts you are reading.


Good Review

Employee has performed their position extraordinarily well and I believe they will continue to perform well in this position. With regard to the areas of consideration listed in the position description they have gone above and beyond what has been expected of them. In particular I would like to bring attention to the customer service aspects of the position and what the individual has brought to the team. This employee has made themselves a requested IT specialist and support help for the managers in all of the expected departments through a dedication to direct and personalized service.  This employee is responsive to the needs of the team they work for as well as those that are not really under their jurisdiction. This has meant that their customer service has been their most impressive area for this review. In addition to the exceptional service shown in terms of customer service, they have also shown considerable ability in terms of their knowledge with regard to hardware and general computer considerations. Overall the work put in by this employee has been far more than could have been hoped for in these areas and we therefore have great promise of their trajectory in this position as well as with this company overall.

The one specific area of improvement would be the learning and understanding of the company’s own internal software. While there has been improvement since the beginning of the employment there is more room for improvement here and we believe that this employee needs to pay more attention to this and focus on improving their software knowledge and capabilities. To this end we will be providing additional training sessions to address the software inadequacies of this employee.

Bad Review  

This employee has performed in a manner that is quite mixed in terms of performance. The major aspect of the position, customer service, has not been addressed as adequately as possible. The level of frustration that is expressed at too many service calls seems too impatient and not in the spirit of the position and what the company expects of it. This is overshadowing the fact that in terms of both the internal software as well as the external hardware aspects of the position the employee is absolutely exceeding all other employees in the department. This issue of customer service outweighs the abilities that are had and means that this employee will need to work on their customer service skills and abilities through a concerted effort and support from their immediate team supervisor.