Hospitality Management Course Reflection

The Hospitality management course provided me an opportunity to critically analyze the hospitality management industry and look for possible opportunities in the industry to help me shape my professional life. There were different parts of the course like course discussions, text book readings with useful case studies from real life and quizzes. All these items made a comprehensive content that lead to the successful completion of this course for me.

I took part in the online discussions and used it as an opportunity to learn. I can recall many discussions that shed light on different aspects of hospitality management. For example one of the discussion was about the merger of Marriott and Starwood. I researched it and found out that the merger would create a massive power shift in favor of Marriott. What I learned from it is that hospitality management business is just as vibrant as any other business. Startups, mergers, creation of new jobs and establishment of new attractions, everything is happening in the hospitality management business.

I also learned a lot from the case studies. Especially the case study titled “Checking out a Guest” was of a great interest to me. The case is about a guest who is checking out in a hurry and is an angry mood. I was astonished to know the standard of professionalism shown by the agent dealing with the angry customer. What I learn from the cases study is to be patient while being in any business not just hospitality management. Customers could be going through some tough time when you encounter them.

This course has made me think of improving the business idea that I already had in my mind. I have always been interested in the restaurant business. I never thought about the importance of tourists. Instead I have always focused on local customers only. I have now realized the importance of tourists in a restaurant business.

Overall, this course has opened new horizons for me to brainstorm ideas related to the hospitality management business.