Case Study: I only want a little


  1. What, if any, ethical dilemma does Chad face?

    2. This is what Megan said: “I see it as, say, a friend sharing his newly gained treasure with another friend who has a big need. That’s all.” How valid is this argument? What would you have said in response to this statement?

    3. What are the potential ramifications if Chad decides to do as Megan has requested?

    4. What are the potential ramifications if Chad decides not to agree to Megan’s request? 

Chad is a sales man, who is selling products of company to different customers. In this video, Chad is negotiating with the representative of a company, Miss Megan.  As Miss Megan is aware of this fact that Chad is working on commission. Miss Megan is trying to intimidate the Chad so that he can give her 2000 dollars, if she approves this transaction.

Megan says to the Chad: “I see it as, say, a friend sharing his newly gained treasure with another friend who has a big need. That’s all.” This argument was given by the Megan to Chad so that she can convince him for this deal. This argument is not valid because it is not an appropriate way to help a friend, it is a bribe. Chad would not be able to earn his commission of 4 %, if Chad would not approve his proposal because according to the designation of Megan in her company, she is authorized to approve or reject the proposals from different sales executives. In such circumstances, where Megan is taking advantage of her position to intimidate Chad and to force Chad so that he can give him bribe of 2000 dollars from this transaction, Chad should act ethically and should consider all the ethical and moral aspects, which are coming in to play in this transaction.

When Chad is going accept or reject the offer of Megan that either Chad should bribe the Megan or not then there are following factors, which need to be considered by the Chad. These factors are as follows,

  • Check his intentions in gift giving.
  • Make sure that client sees no strings attached.
  • Make beyond any doubt the gift does not disregard organizations’ approaches.
  • Safest gifts are economical business things engraved with the salesman’s organization.

Legitimate and moral obligations of sales representatives are imperative on the grounds that sales representatives might confront clashes between their own principles and the models of their organizations and clients. Sales representatives’ moral models decide how they will direct associations with their clients, businesses, and competitors. Numerous organizations have moral principles that depict the conduct expected of their business people.

In other words it can be said that Great ethics are known as a great business. Statutory laws direct the exercises of sales representatives in the United States. In such circumstances, Chad should act ethically. Chad can play the role of a whistle blower in order to avoid the adverse outcomes of this ethical dilemma. Chad should inform the higher authorities of Megan that Megan has asked Chad for bribe of 2000 dollars. Chad should also notify his own company’s management that Megan has intimidate her that she will reject his proposal; if Chad would not ensure her that he would give her bribe of 20