Women have a legal right in all 50 states to obtain an abortion. Morally, woman have a right to what they do with their body. If immoral and illegal, more women will suffer from infections and death from at home abortions. Before 12 weeks of pregnancy, a woman should have the right to decide, for whatever reason, if to have an abortion or not. Abortions can be traumatizing and should be coupled with therapy to ensure women cope with it properly. Abortions should only be permissible after 12 weeks of pregnancy if carrying a child to birth will harm either mother or the child. In addition, also if the child has been diagnosed with a disease that would lead to the child having a hard life. Therefore I believe that in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is morally ok for abortion. After the first 12 weeks, when the child is considered a fetus and not an embryo anymore, it is immoral unless the health of the mother or child are at stake.

When women do not have access to legal and safe abortions, they are faced with the risks of performing unsafe and illegal abortions. Making abortions illegal or legal has no effect on number of abortions performed but making them legal reduces maternal morbidity and mortality. (womencenter.com) Providing women with access to Family Planning Centers for education and prevention of pregnancy with birth control will help reduce the amount of abortions.


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