Can-Am Spyder


In the year 2007 a vehicle named Can-Am Spyder was introduced by the Bombardier Recreational Company. More over in the same year Y architecture has been used by the company for motor bikes. Y architecture is based on the model in which the vehicle contains two wheels on the front side and one wheel on the back.  This Y architecture is unique as compared to the other vehicles. Considering to vehicle range it has been identified that Can-Am Spyder promotes safety. This is the most important thing that with the current designs scheme vehicle seemed to be safe and stable. The usage of anti lock brakes as well as control over stability tends to make it automatically safe and sound.


The vehicle with the high price of about $15000 shows that it is made for the rich people. Most of the individual with the age group of 35 to 45 are attracted towards the heavy vehicle and it has been observed that the design of such vehicle is feasible for the age group described above. Even though, there are some several records taken into account that shows the people who are getting attracted towards the heavy vehicle are from the age group of 35 to 45 years, but there are some other age group who are also found to be attracted towards the modern technological vehicles.  Spyder sales have been expanded in the different states in the year 2008.

The vehicle named Spyder was liked by the numerous people living outside the boundaries of the country. About 50 states were found to be influenced by Spyder vehicle. This is another factor of consideration that in spite of the fact that the business expansion with the item was wonderful, yet making any miscalculation will be really bad as what’s to come is uncertain and there are more requirements for getting the real picture in front of eyes (Quinlan-Wilder, cit. by Babin & Harris, 2013).

  1. Do purchasers of the Can-Am Spyder have utilitarian motivations? Hedonics ones?  Both?


There are different routes through which inspiration can be depicted. The feasible hypothesis that considers the essential elements of the inspiration is named as Maslow. Maslow motivation theory is based on the different steps that come up with the different ideologies. The highest level of Maslow hierarchy model is about self actualization. This is fundamental that the different level of the motivation identified by Maslow are applied everywhere or on every one. Spyder is one of the heavy vehicles that can fulfill the travelling need and this can give the general population safe adventure. This security need is more required by the old persons of the general public, who some of the time feel hard to have stability. It has been effective in satisfying the requirements for which it has been delivered, however for an ideal opportunity to come, the circumstance is not conceivable.

  1. BRS states that it delivers “paradigm-shifting vehicles that push the envelope”.[1] Considering a prospective customer’s existing product schema for a motorbike, discuss the implications for cognitive organization, comprehension and acceptance of this vehicle by motorcycle enthusiasts.

Individuals more often than not have observed the vehicles with two wheels. This may be another experience for them or it is really wonderful for them to find out such vehicle.  It is cost proficient item that can give its explorer a safe and a steady ride. Amid the season of the overwhelming activity, this can give the best adventure to the general population utilizing it.  Despite the fact the clients may have the capacity to have dependability, yet at the same time it is not the same as Spyder in numerous viewpoints, configuration being the first.

  1. At introduction of this vehicle, would an attitude change strategy be necessary to convert the curious into customers? If so, what might be effective?

The contextual investigation has called attention to a portion of the shortcomings of the item. The fundamental one of them is the taking care of when it is in the road turned parking lot. Spyder as a vehicle need change in a few viewpoints. Despite the fact that it is another innovation, yet regardless it needs additional conventional adjustments. There is a thing that can be performed by the administration of BRS and that is to bring issues to light among the masses through the commercial with respect to the benefits of the items.

  1. Visit the website as if you were a potential customer for this product. Is the typical site visitor likely to learn about the product intentionally or unintentionally?  Do you think the website has been created to maximize the learning that can occur there?

The positive elements of the item ought to be investigated so that a positive message could be sent anticipated clients. Individuals are more tended towards the use of the web; they realize that it is the best wellspring of picking up top to bottom experiences about any item they need to purchase. Unfortunately, the business couldn’t utilize the power of the web in picking up a superior part of the business sector. The administration needs a prepared staff that could give it all the skill in the field of showcasing and notice.


Summing up all, it is concluded that the above discussion is totally based on the effectiveness of Spyder that is one of the vehicle that tends to have better quality. Most of the business specially the vehicle business can enjoy a lot of benefit whenever some innovative items are providing to the consumers. In this instance the Y design that is being used by Spyder is effective and unique as compared to the vehicles of other company. Along with the unique design this vehicle possesses the stability and safety technologies.

[1] BRP adds a Touring model to its Can-Am Spyder Roadster line-up. (2009, September 2). PR Newswire, pNA.