What makes groups effective?

Consider your own experience in group work at school. What makes groups effective? How can you translate what you have learned about group work into working as part of a sales team?

Working in the school group can be difficult and can be learning at the same time. In school level the students have not appropriate knowledge about the market working and about the market structure but this can be the first step for learning about the market conditions. In my school career I take participation in sale marketing group and working in this group was very helpful for me in order to learn about different critical aspects of learning. I learnt that the effectiveness of any sale team is not dependent on the work and struggles of one team member  ut it is the joint effort of the all team member.

Other thing that I learnt about the team working or sale management team is the working   with cooperation and mutual understanding. I learnt that team should work with join hand and use the approach where all group members’ works with each other and stay connected with main objective of team. I learnt the effectiveness of guidelines that are helpful for deciding about the working and structure of sales management team. I learnt that about different positive and negative points that can be effective for doing good in team and in group activities.