Walt Disney’s Dennis Hightower, faced unique challenges in his role as vice president in June of 1987. Discuss the strategy he created to accomplish desired goals and list two specific examples of how the decisions he made benefitted the company.

Dennis Hightower has 35 years experience in strategic management consulting operational planning, strategic planning international general management and corporate governance with regard to Disney

The key of strategy of DH, to accomplish the desired goals includes consolidated the european operations into a single region by establishing three other regions Asia-pacific. Us Canada, and other in 1987.

He followed the management approach that includes the following

Changed the finance and marketing head by internal european executives

Consolidated the internal operations to generate enormous synergies.

Answer 2

what had to be considered here for Disney was this very notion that on one hand, there was more competition that was coming to the scene but in addition to that, it also had become very important for the organization to be able to understand the different issues that were being faced by the customers and to address them all in a timely and effective manner. So these are two important issues among a number of others that Disney had to asses, evaluate and then to consider. As such, it could also be seen here that the larger premise is to look at having a viable and a change based strategy and these were the two important components that Disney also seemed to incorporate in the different types of short and long term strategies that he had implemented but also the manner in which they are executed. Therefore, all of this comes down to this very notion that for a firm to be successful  both in the short and the long run, it is also important for that firm to have a carefully planned and crafted mission but also a vision that is aligned with the ever changing needs of its demographics which is the different types of customers that it tends to serve.