Midterm – Personal Meme Topic Project



  1. Select your topic! In expressing your creativity, what special theme evokes your inner self to delve into, explore, share with the world and possibly land you on the stage as a future Founders’ Day Award recipient? Professor Manning was there today as well as graduates from a decade and two decades ago who have accomplished things they never envisioned as students. Spend a while reflecting, to find your joy, identifying a robust topic to explore and share.
  2. Topics ideas include (but are not limited to) professional topics, such as small business related offices (such as the legal, medical, accounting and specialty retail stores); product or product comparison topics (such as mobile phones comparisons or features being developed, mobile service comparisons, car features, bicycle or cycling race comparisons); sports comparisons (players, positions, venues, schedules); recreational activities (parks, directions, trails, pictures, seasons, schedules; tae kwon do studios, forms or tournaments, aikido studios …); performers (music, theatre, politicians – event tracking their availability, popularity, history). Your passion may not be on this list: define it and use it! (One restriction is that your work may not originate in another class; but you may lay the groundwork for future academic research or a concept you may want to develop commercially in the future.)
  3. 3. Key point: you must construct the web page from the ground up. It must be logically correct and documented with your name as the sole author! All the elements and components of your page should be logically related, neither copied from another source nor added on simply for purpose of meeting grading standards (i.e., you will not get these points). While you may use elements you’ve found elsewhere (such as an image) with the appropriate credit, it is unacceptable to copy code or groups of pictures from an existing website, even with credit. Remember the academic integrity statement in the syllabus! The instructor will check for originality; there are significant penalties for unattributed use of others’ work.

Grading Standards. You may choose any combination of features to reach 100 points. This project represents 30% of your CMOP 235 final grade! If you are unable to demonstrate and explain each feature to the instructor, you will not obtain those points!


  1. Author information (Required; can be a link to your resume project) Picture of the student author (3 points) Working e-mail address (2 points) Comment (2 points)
  2. CSS file(s) must have at least five (5) rules (Required; 10 points)
  3. At least 3 pages composing web site (2 points per page; max: 10 points)
  4. Formatting outside CSS file (1 point per feature; max: 8 points) Centering, boldfacing, headlines and other formatting should be used to enhance the Web page
  5. Hypertext links Anchor names and links inside a page (3 points) Links to the Internet (4 points) Links to other user-created HTML (5 points) Links using hotspots/image maps (5 points)
  6. Graphics (2 points each; max: 10 points)
  7. Ordered/Unordered list (5 points each; max: 10 points)
  8. Color enhancement using rgba/hsla (2 points each; max: 6 points)
  9. Character entity/special characters (1 points each; max: 3 points)
  10. Background image or fill: picture applied or background fill; default of white or a single color is not considered a background! (6 points)
  11. Tables Minimum of one implemented with at least 3 rows and 2 columns (value #R + #C = 5 points for minimum; max: 12 points)
  12. Originality & Flair! (15 points)

Submitting Assignment:

Submit a zip file complete with all files (html, css, image, and other resources) in a file/folder structure that the links work when installed on another computer. Test that this works by unzipping the files on another computer and your web site still functions properly! In addition, take a variety of screenshots documenting your website’s functionality; include those within your zip file. Include a text file in your zip file that specifically indicates which elements you’ve used, the points expected, and where they are in your website. You must complete and upload the zip file to BB before 23:59, Wednesday, March 2, 2016; in class/lab Thursday, March 3, 2016, you will demonstrate its functionality  DON’T BE LATE!