Managing conflict can be a manager’s most daunting task. What steps would you take to manage a confrontational conflict between two of your key employees?

It could be a real tricky situation if there is a confrontation between two key employees. I mean as a manager, I would have to be really careful so that I can look at the conflict objectively and do not provide any undue favor to any of the employees.

As a manager, I would like to take the following step wise approach to resolve a confrontational conflict.

  1. I would carefully assess the situation and decide if I have to get involved or the two employees can resolve the conflict themselves.
  2. I would then find out the main reasons behind the confrontation. I would look at the emotional factors like angers towards each other due to past events as well.
  3. I would then engage in a listening process where I can get the point of views of each of the employees.
  4. Then I would look at the business process and how they are being effected by the confrontational.
  5. I would then make assessment on who might be responsible for the conflict. There is also a chance that a misunderstanding exists.
  6. I would then make a report of my findings and discuss it with the two employees communicating to them what is the way forward.