Identify two companies that have used Six Sigma and report on their results.

The example of two companies that adopted six sigma after its success at Motorola are Samsung and General Electronics or GE.

The pioneer at Samsung to utilize six sigma was Jong-Young Yun. Samsung, since its establishment in 1969 has been an electronics company. The complete adaptation of six sigma was in 2000. The primary goal of the introduction of six sigma at Samsung was to minimize the issues from the design, development and production processes. The results for Samsung were great as they were able to decrease the different issues and defects by 50% which is quite astonishing as this kind of improvement means a lot when it is reflected in the quality of the organizational processes and the end product itself.

GE is the second example of the application of six sigma on organizational level. The company had been using it for a long time now. Officially, they started to use six sigma in 1988 on full scale. Their approach was well organized. They first trained their staff, and then applied six sigma in the supervision of these trained personnel. Due to the implementation of six sigma, GE have been able to improve their process and bring innovations to their products. This had a substantial impact on their customer satisfaction level. GE had been able to improve the quality of their products and hence increase their revenue from the consumer market.