Effectiveness of Personal Branding


From the past few decades personal branding is one of the best effective tactics in the workforce. Now days it’s really difficult for one self to differentiate with the competitors like Twitter, LinkedIn and Face book have strong personal brand so for the new entrant in the job market it’s difficult to compete with them. In today job market there is really difficult to use a personal brand so there is highly urge to conduct a study with good practices of personal branding that how can an individual used to achieve a good practices or successful career.

Literature Review

There are numerous literature reviews which explain the personal branding and have focuses on that how an individual can used and maintain to continue and develop within his career.

As to a brand of commercial, a personal brand is also a representation of collectiveness that how an individual can perceive by their audience or their publics. Labrecque, Markos and Milne in 2011 showed that personal branding actually entail with promoting and capturing a person uniqueness and strength to a target public or their audience.

Morton, (2011) Personal branding in reality becomes a best way for communication among an individual and their audience or respective publics. Personal branding also differentiating an individual from his competitors based on the strength and distinct values.

Personal branding make able an individual to establish himself beyond resume and also more determine who actually he is as a person in the job market and how he can be asset for so many corporations. Barnett, (2010) explain that self branding is actually thinking of an individual person as a brand – a specified product that actually can be viewed as creatively and strategically in job market where is numerous competitors who bring highest value to a person and his company.

Effectiveness of Personal Branding

Develop a personal brand actually ensures that a person is actually not left behind within process of job selection and that he developing the competitive benefits that actual position him for the actual opportunity of career which he deserve (Horton, 2011). In accordance to the limited positions which available in today’s market of job, actual having a very strong personal branding is what can open so many opportunities with variety of jobs. Personal branding has become so important aspect for applicants which lie in job searches (Horton, 2011).

For the hiring process personal branding become an important part because so many companies actually using the opportunities of social media and search engine optimization as tool of hiring for the future employees for their company. Labrecque, Markos and Milne in 2011 explain that tool which are online have actually allowed the personal branding to become an crucial marketing work for the everyday people. The premises for personal brand are that every Pearson has the power to be his own brand and an individual’s main job is actually to be his own marketer. Those applicants who have this concept in mind, jobseeker actually have the opportunities to brand himself into anything which he desire, as long as it fixes within his target public or audience.

Developing Personal Brand

Morton (2012), give suggestion that to start the process of personal branding, there is necessary to develop a biography as processional which includes a statement of personal brand, that includes mission, vision and passions which assist employers in decision making what they actually looking for. After then comes to the profile of the brand that expands on the concept according to the statement and establish the individual as a whole. Once those are two things completed, a curricular vitae should be established and on the possible chance personal branding efforts have successful proven then an interview will conduct to show how the individual personalities match with the personal brand.

Maintaining a Personal Brand

Bitti, (2007) explain that by comment on others and creating blogs, individual start to consider people’s personal brand as “one’s” or as a recognized personality or authority.

Personal Brand for Career Success

Schawbel, (2010) explain that when a consumer link a specified product with a particular business or corporation, he actually tent to think of the business and corporation more on positively aspect. This effective personal branding reflect both of the value sets of corporation or company as well as the individual.


It is conclude that by the research of development and creation of personal branding, individual can use the knowledge or information to control his target public or audience point of view of their personal brand. As control to their own personal branding, individual has the power to establish a desirable image or source of themselves that to their audience’s and publics. Audience’s and public point of view of a personal branding is ultimately that how personal branding is describe and also this apprehension of the actual brand which can be used in the future for career development. That’s why in studying the tactics and strategies which used to maintain and create a personal brand will advantage for jobseekers that actual want to maintain an image to their target public and assist them also in their successful career.




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