In today’s diverse, global economy, how would you effectively communicate with and evaluate your team in a way that promotes teamwork and encourages active communication in all forms?

We live in a technologically advance world today. Scientific researchers are carried out in each and every field. In the same way, business world is going through a revolution when it comes to research and technological changes. Kuehn (2016) has suggested that effective communication by organizational leaders is directly co-related to positive social change. This points to the fact that an effective communication system in an organization can create a positive organizational culture.

As a manager, I believe that there are many way to effectively communicate with the employees that would promote teamwork. First of all I would promote a culture of openness where criticism is not responded with a negative attitude. I would promote a two-wat communication process where everyone gets to have a say in the decision making process. For organizational teams to work effectively, there has to be multiple channels of communication. Therefore I would focus on communication processes that incorporate all the available means and tools like face-to-face communication and email communication. All the team members will be communicated the goals so that there are no doubts of what is expected of the team performance. All employees will be given a chance to clear any doubts about organizational processes.


Kuehn, S. (2016). Exploring US Business Leaders’ Strategies for Enhancing Team Communication.