Did you learn everything from this class that you expected?  Do you feel the materials will be beneficial to you in the future? Do you have suggestions for this course that would make it more applicable to your end career? Please answer with some detail and specific examples.

Attending this class and taking this course was one of the most amazing experience I have ever had. In the start, I defined some personal learning outcomes from this course that included to understand the basic principles and advanced issues within the management, relation of management with other departments and how to become an effective leader. After completing this class, I am much satisfied with the outcomes and what I have learnt from it.

I believe that these materials will be beneficial for me in many ways. In order to have a basic understanding of management principles, the social media usage in the workplace, the issues and ethical considerations associated with social and personal media use in workplace, some possible social media usage policies for employees to regulate them and the issues that managers face today and used to face previously, the materials provided have benefited me a lot and will be beneficial for me even in future.

In order to make this course more applicable to the end career of students, there are certain things which can be implemented in order to make it better. Primarily, there should be more real workplace assignments where students may take part and enhance their personal management skills. In addition to that, the students of this course should also be put in certain scenarios where there is a management issue and they should be asked to solve it with using their knowledge of the course. This can be made possible by adding more learning outcomes and number of other course contents.