Chapter 28 in the Successful Manager’s Handbook is about Continuous Learning – watch the video linked below and detail what you think managers have learned since this video was created in 1958 and the issues that still exist that are similar to mistakes that this manager made. How can continuous learning help managers avoid making the same mistakes that this manager made?

The scenario which was reported in this video shows a number of issues that still exist which are similar to mistakes that this manager made. Some of the issues are as:

Not Making Time for Team: Managers in today’s era are so wrapped up in their own work schedule that they are not able to make themselves available to their team. They have a lot of things to do but this is the very common mistake which managers make today and that is quite similar to the mistake which this manager made in the video.

Being Too Friendly: Most of the mangers want to be seen as approachable to employees and friendly in certain circumstances but this thing is emerging as an issue with the managers today. Managers need to make tough decisions sometimes regarding people in your team but too much friendly attitude creates problems in management.

Continuous learning can help managers avoid making the same mistake that this manger made. For that, a manager will have to change himself into becoming a leader instead of just becoming a manager. Once someone becomes a manager, he is needed to understand his role and duties and that now he needs a different set of skills to work effectively and appropriately (10 Common Leadership and Management Mistakes , 2016). That manager will always have to play his role in terms of “walking the walk”. As a manager, one needs to shape himself as a role model for rest of his team. Besides that, employees should continuously be motivated for increasing their productivity and to showcase their skills and creativity.

As a simple conclusion, it can be said that in order to avoid the mistakes which this manager made, one needs to define the goals clearly and to communicate with his team too often as this can help him to achieve the personal leadership and corporate goals.


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