After watching the video “E-Business at Evo”, aside from offering good prices, how does offer value to the consumer? Evo has opened a large brick-and-mortar store/community art space in Seattle, Washington. Go to to learn more about what the store offers. Do you think this store will distract or enhance the Web site? Consider potential channel conflicts, pricing strategy, convenience, and consumer behavior in your answer.

The most attractive of what Evo is offering besides good price is the fact that all customers can come into the store and experience their products as if they were out in the streets. This offer is not only open to customers but also the staff of Evo.

I did try to browse but unfortunately this link does not work as it is no more functional.

The online store is available on In my opinion it is an attractive online store and it has a great potential to stay there for a long time. It has many discount offers available as I see it now, and has a “on sale” sections. This is a good strategy to offer discounts to customers. The overall look of the website is attractive with good quality, real life photos that would definitely appeal to consumers. Online stores are a convenient place to shop at. Evo has setup a sales website that is really user friendly and ads to their overall quality