In a local or national newspaper, find an article about a topic related to business ethics. Read the article. Then, write 3–5 paragraphs that answer one of the following questions:

Article Title: Sexting case raises workplace privacy issues

Article URL:

  1. Explain what the article is about.

The article is about an interesting case where a cop named Jeff Quon was given a pager by the employer for official use only, but he used it to send text messages to his wife and mistress. The employer found out his texting after a general inquiry was held about excessive texting in the department.

Quon was upset by his texts being exposed and sued the department against this action.

  1. Identify a privacy issue that is discussed in the article.

The primary privacy issues is raised by Quon where he has asked the question about the right by an employer to check his texts. The lower court did decide in Quon favor as it cited that the employer had no right to check his private messages.

  1. Do you believe that an employee has a right to privacy in the workplace?

I do believe that an employee have a right to privacy in the workplace. I mean that as an employee, you do check your emails or private nature at your work place. Should the employer be checking these private emails from the computer records? I don’t think so. There is an argument that employees should not bring their private life to workplace but it is not a valid argument in my opinion as the employees do get breaks that can be used to engage in matters of private nature.

  1. How far does that right extend?

I believe that the right to privacy has its own limits. As we have seen in the recent events where Hillary Clinton, the Presidential Nominee for 2016 US Presidential Elections by the Democratic Party has used her personal email address for official purposes as the Secretary of State. I believe that she did cross the lines between personal privacy and official duties.

  1. How are technological advances making this issue more complicated?

Due to technological advancement, the matter of privacy has become challenging in all spheres of life. I mean each and every day there are many occasions where we give out our personal information to different sources. For example an ATM is used on daily basis. Then there is online shopping requiring credit card information. Then there are many other online forms requiring personal information. Technology has made our life easy without a doubt but it has also contribute to keeping privacy a challenging and difficult task.