After watching the video “Relationship Marketing and CRM at Numi Tea”, how do marketing activities such as gift with purchase, samples by mail, and product community blogs impact your purchasing decisions and loyalty? What was the last product you purchased because of sampling? Do you consider Numi’s relationships with its producers as important to their marketing as the relationship with its customers?

Numi tea has a great marketing strategy. The one thing that most attracted me is the fact that they take care of customer’s privacy and take their permission first before offering them anything like inviting them to their tea garden. Gifts with purchase is an effective marketing strategy. I mean who doesn’t like a gift? It create a relationship that has emotional attachment embedded. In the same way sample allows a customers to try a product before that can actually buy. So if the sample is really good, a purchasing decisions is easily made. We live in an internet era, product community blogs lets the loyal customers under one “roof” and they can communicate with the company for further improvements. This is a great way to give a sense of ownership to the customers.

I was once presented a new body spray by a company in a super market. But unfortunately it did not make me buy the product as I didn’t like it.

I do consider Numi’s relationship with their producer important. Producers are the ones that provides them with quality products. If their product are of the highest quality, Numi’s can present them in their advertisement. This would make a great marketing story for any company.