Higher education is a very important tool for the development and establishment of a nation. It is the main aspect which can help a country accentuate at its own will. It requires a number of strategically measures to be correlated. A lot of changes are to be seen on an organizational level as a whole for this correction.  A human mind can lead to the discovery of a numbered ways which can help in the growth of strategic thinking regarding growth of quality management in higher education. In this paper, different ways of correlation of higher education will be presented in terms of all its previously discussed issues like legal;, research, technological, social and global issues.

As a future administrator, the first issue to be put on is the research issue of higher educational organizations. There will be proper strategic development for correcting research issues according to the economic budget as presented by the institution. No matter if the university is highly adequate or poorly developed, research centers would be developed by managerial departments of these institutions. This problem is one of the major problems to be assisted on a serious note.

The second problem to be corrected will be loosening the economic pressure on institutions. Many educational institutions are losing its legacy rapidly due to economic burden on them. These institutions are unable to cope up within the provided budget due to highly important needs which cannot be neglected. Government should provide more amount of money for its required costs so that it will get aligned without going through economic downfalls.

The last ethical measure to be taken care of is the development of proper strategic planning in these institutions. Poor planning in terms of strategy making has been set which have a number of consequences. Due to poor strategy making, students pertaining low IQ level are given degrees. These degrees not only prove to be fatal for the practical job orientation for them but also push the institution’s name to the dark side. This criterion has proved to be a major bully for spoiling institution’s reputation. It is the result of improper central management of the institution. Development of research centers can only be seen by proper faculty construction and interest and their skills to cope up with the students. It is observed that students can only accentuate when they have their teachers’ support in the domains of academia.  Nowadays, faculty of these institutions is not seen to give equal attention to average students which leads towards academic fall.

There are numbered differences which can easily be pointed out in the educational sector of United States of America as well as other parts of the world which can be corrected easily by proper strategic thinking and prompt correlation of economical approaches. To regain the legacy of these institutions, it is important to cope up with the economical standards. All the research centers of these institutions should have updated and knowledgeable feedback of the current era. For the global construction in educational means, all these issues should be corrected.