Give an example of shift of ethics in media and discuss it?

Ethics in media has been changing quite frequently and only entered when the proposition of business ethics came into reality and formed a perception that was soon known by almost everyone around the world. The shift of ethics in media can be described through many numerous examples. However, the most important examples that can come to mind are business scandals and wrongdoing which have been brought up by the media so as to generate public opinion about such scandals and investigate them through the principle set of ethics that have been carried on for generations, however, only in philosophy and personal lives. The shift of ethics in media can be described best by the unethical activities that are carried by the tobacco industries by allowing promotion to be specifically targeted at young individuals, individuals who could be more susceptible to the life threatening substance and individuals who would most likely suffer from such life threatening substances in the long run. While the ethics and morality were continuously questioned against tobacco giants in the past, the ethics of media have shifted in the manner that ethics and morality principles are continuously ignored by the media nowadays when it comes to discussing the actions of such tobacco industries and giants. Furthermore, this shift of ethics in media can be well explained through the manner that the media currently refrains from highlighting the issues of ethics and orality within tobacco industries like they used to do before. This simple act of changing the way people perceive or look at tobacco industries and giants, even in the perception of ethics and morality, describes best the situation of shift in ethics within the media. Furthermore, it can be explained in great detail as to how this example of a shift in ethics within the media can be aligned with other several examples that have followed in toe, and how these examples can be explained in detail. The shift of ethics in media can be explained through the media’s portrayal of tobacco industries in the manner that in the media, wealth and power are all that matter. They can change the principles of ethics, what is good and bad, and the morality issues within a minute. The case wth tobacco industries is the fact that their wealth and power brought a change into the ethics in media while this was not the case in previous years. Over time, if wealth and power decrease within tobacco industries, it is likely that they will become a target of ethics within the media once again.