Article: Otter, L., & Currie, J. (2004). A long time getting home: Vietnam Veterans’ experiences in a community exercise rehabilitation programme. Disability and Rehabilitation, 26(1), 27-34.

Research Independent Analysis

Otter and Currie (2004) investigated the impact of a 40 weeks community exercise program mental health and PTSD symptoms of 14 Vietnam veterans. Since the article investigated the impact of physical sports on PTSD symptoms among Vietnam veterans, it is very significant to my research project. It will help me justify the important of physical activities in the treatment of PTSD. Because PTSD symptoms include social isolation, low self-esteem, and low social support, this article will help me find whether physical exercises enhance social relationships (attachment), self-confidence (determination) and, competency. Thus it will help me find more evidence related to my research thesis. The article is also important to the MnM project for the same reasons because it will guide us on how to build attachment, self-confidence, and competency among PTSD victims.

One key concept discussed in this article is the impact of exercise on the Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms among Vietnam veterans. I will use this source in my project to add evidence on the impact of physical activities on PTSD symptoms.

This article is related to Burke and Utley (2013), Caddick and Smith (2014) and D’Andrea et al (2013) in the object of its study. All these sources investigated the impact of physical activities on PTSD symptoms. However, it is more related to Burke and Utley, and Caddick and Smith (2014) because all these three study the impact physical activities specially among the Vietnam veterans.

I would like to use more sources for independent analysis from (article 5) Caddick and Smith (2014) because that is a very useful article providing many sources related to impact of physical activities on PTSD.



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