1. Go through the exercise as a consumer and select a pair of glasses and tell what glasses went with your style on your initial post.

I went through the exercise as a consumer and paid attention to all the questions and selections. The process was smooth and easy which enquired about my clothing styles and living styles. At the end I was recommended 10 pair of glasses. To be very honest, I like only 2 out of the 10 recommendation. They were Ray-Ban RX2180V and PRADA LINEA ROSSA PS 06GV.

  1. Next go through the exercise as an app designer. 

Determine User Skill level: I think that the app designers had in mind what will be the skill level of the application users. The application is extremely user friendly. Users can click on their selected option and is carried to next selection set.

Identify the tasks: The task have been organized in an easy manner. The users can go through their selection one by one and think over it before any recommendation is provided in the next task level. Users can easily chose their clothing style with great options. They can chose what shoes they wear and how is their living style.

  1. Discuss the interaction style
    1. Direct Manipulation: I do not think so that there is any considerable amount of direct manipulation of the app functions available to the users as I did not see any option to move images in the tasks I performed in my exercise.
    2. Menu selection: Menus are simple and responsive to mobile devices.
    3. Form fill-in: A form did appear to register after I added my selection to the cart. I think that a registration should not have been compulsory to make a purchase. It seems to be a redundant form to me. Though the design and presentation is not that bad.
    4. Command Language: It has utilized PHP and Ajax in my opinion.
    5. Natural language: natural language is utilized beautifully with to the point suggestions and not huge stories that would make the user lose their interest.
  2. On a scale of 1 (does not meet) to 5 (highly meets) how does this app meet the 8 Golden Rules of Interface Design?

I would like to score it 4/5. It is a really interactive application with universal usability supporting internal locus of control where u can make a choice and consider yourself responsible for it. The one thing I did not see was how it would handle errors as I did not encounter any.