Please make the appropriate corrections to any VERB errors ONLY:


  1. You need to focus what things are
  2. The object of this book is the memory that about the missing of our character Jack for his father.
  3. We can infer that writer wants people to walk out from the past and get happy future.
  4. In the end jack came out this big dream, and know what should care what is not.
  5. In the middle of the story Jack promises to his wife that he will go with her to the midwife appointment but he does not go because he was reminded in to his past and starts dreaming about his father so he has not noticeed that the time has passed .
  6. That’s why the watch is so important that jack always wanted to find it.
  7. Despite of his wife was pregnant eight month and felt lonely,he chose to leave for his work under the deep sea which is very unusual.
  8. This book is talking about one person name was jack, he forgot about his father and try finding his father to give him a watch.
  9. So I think the purpose is author wants people who read this book to know about one things.
  10. I think the author wrote this project wants readers to forget pass, to face the future, if anyone always immerses pass cannot forget and face the future, they cannot do anything in their life.
  11. Then he began finding a watch and miss his father.