How can continuous learning help managers avoid making the same mistakes that this manager made?           

I would say that the biggest thing learned in this video compared to what managers do today is that they believe they have to be constantly active. Managers do not believe that they can just simply will away their issues and concerns and they definitely do not believe that they can just let go of the reigns and allow the staff to address their own problems. Today’s managers are in need of constant training so that they can be active parts of their teams as opposed to just people who step in at the times that people believe they are needed. Also, the issue that came up in the video, with regard to changing the methods used to conduct work, also highlights why there is a need for not just managers, but all employees to have constant training and ongoing education. Some jobs make it a part of the position absolutely through their certification requirements but other jobs do not make it so formal.

However, this does not mean it is any less important. Some managers today however do still make these same mistakes and I believe it is because of a desire to avoid conflict and to avoid having to personally get involved in a situation that can be potentially uncomfortable. The continuous learning allows managers to avoid these mistakes as much as possible because it allows them to have the tools needed to see themselves and their role as far more than just the specific title of manager. This also allows them to constantly learn new ways to interact as well as ways to add to the conversations versus just regulating and refereeing them.