Article: Burke, S. M., & Utley, A. (2013). Climbing towards recovery: investigating physically injured combat veterans’ psychosocial response to scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro. Disability and rehabilitation, 35(9), 732-739.

Analytical Summary

Burke and Utley (2013) studied the impact of physical activity of climbing the mountain on the mental health of injured soldiers. The study focused on the role of this physical activity in recovery of trauma of these soldiers and how they feel it. This article is relevant to my research because it gave more proof of successful using of physical activity in recovery from trauma. This article also proved that physical activity is good for treating trauma. Therefore I will use it to add more results of using physical activity in treating trauma. This source also help us in MnM because, following the research idea, we can introduce more physical activities of challenging for trauma patients in MnM. We can also advise that climbing some high place will be included in our MnM activity to treat trauma patients.

One key concept that authors discussing in this article was climbing towards recovery. The authors explained that this physical activity has many benefits in treatment of trauma. I will use this source to add more information of benefits of physical activities in my research. This source gave another form of physical activity that can helpful in treatment.

Burke and Utley (2013) studying the impact of climbing the mountain the treatment of trauma. They found that this physical activity will help in recovery of trauma after fighting and injuring the war. Caddick and Smith (2014) summarized previous assignment, studied the impact of sports again on the same type of persons who fight in war and then return home with trauma. Thus both sources use physical activity to treat soldiers having trauma after war but one used a type of sports and the other used climbing the mountain.

I don’t seen very important next source in this article. More sources here are on explanation of trauma and not specifically on sports or physical activity on trauma. I will be searching next source on effects of sports and physical activity on trauma through library, and google scholar.


Caddick, N., & Smith, B. (2014). The impact of sport and physical activity on the well-being of combat veterans: A systematic review. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 15(1), 9-18.