Name and describe three special-purpose input devices and one output devices people commonly use in public places such as stores, banks, and libraries.

The special purposes include optical mark readers. The optical mark readers are mainly used and found within schools. They are commonly used for grading pupils performing the multiple tests. The optical mark reader usually uses its reflective light to notice where the choice has been marked. The light detects the pencil marks used after scanning the paper where the test was performed. The optical mark readers allow the integration of scanners within the school. In the bank’s certain special-purpose input hardware individuals commonly use within the banking sector. Specifically, the ATMs include the keyboards within the ATMs, the barcode reader together with the magnetic readers. The keyboard enables an individual to enter his pin and other information that might allow one to request and get his or her money.  The barcode reader scans the ATM card authenticating the card to show if it is legit or active.  Also, the bar-code reader is used in stores and supermarkets to allow the scanning of prices using the barcode placed on every product in the shop.  The bar code allows the good to be registered as sold within the computer system. The library also uses the barcode to ensure that a certain book has been loaned to a specific person and confirmation to be done upon returning.  The third special input device is the magnetic strip readers. The device reads the information or the codes within the credit cards when one swipes the credit cards inside the device. The magnetic reader is used mostly in stores and also in some libraries when purchasing books.