What is your ideal job and how will you get it? Think about what steps you need to take in order to secure such a job. Consider what skills you’ll need to learn and master, what courses you might take along the way. Discuss what obstacles you’ve already encountered and others you anticipate.

Pre-Writing Techniques

Getting an Ideal Job


An ideal job:

Job according to my education and skills set that will attract my attention and keep my interested forever in the job with advancement prospects.

Features of an ideal job:

You feel yourself satisfy and have no concern over future.  Growth opportunities. Good salary and other benefits.

My Ideal Job:

I love to become great teacher. Love to teach children and make them learn ethics.

Great influence on students. Love to be respected . should be followed by all students and enjoy high level of honor.

How to get an ideal job?

I should be competent. Knowledgeable , patience, professional ethics and ability to adapt environment and adept at job responsibilities. Should have teaching degree.

I will try to remain prominent throughout selection process.

What can I do to get such job?

Taching assistant in the beginning of career. With experience I will get good opportunities and good job placement. Masters degree in education(teaching).

Other advantageous credentials could be;

Child care courses and practical training.

First aid knowledge. Know how about Safety measures.

Psychology degree to understand the psychology of the children and what they think ? they want ? they love ? and how I can make them good student.

How to secure such job?

  • Excellent performance.

How to achieve maximum output ? learn about every student, giving them counselling, different  pedagogy for different students.

Extra attention to weak students.

Regular parent- teacher meetings.

What skills and courses required for this job?

  • Excellent temperament and Higher patience level.
  • Master degrees in both education and psychology.

What obstacles and hurdles encoutered in finding this job?

Lack of job search. Poor web browsing. Slackness. Procrastination.

What obstacles can be anticipated to be encountered?


I may become hyper. I may start ignoring my responsibilities. I may lose interest in children.

Unawareness of latest researches and scientific developments.

Failure to remain passionate, compassionate, connoisseur and complacent.



What is an ideal job?

A job that will help me develop professionally and generally as an individual and that will make me intrigued to work and gives my best performance and execution every day.

What are the characteristics of an ideal job?

An ideal job should comprise the characteristics such as charming working environment, good salary and benefits, job according to the education and skills, independent decision making and better coordination and communication with others.

What is an ideal job for me?

My ideal job is to become a teacher, as it is a very respectable profession. I want to serve the society to make a better nation. I am keenly interested in teaching the children because I want to gather respect and love from them.

How can I get my ideal job?

I can get my desired job by having a master degree in the field of education. Child care courses and practical training is also required. First aid knowledge and know how about safety measures are important to protect the children.  I need to have a Psychology degree to understand the psychology of the children and what they think, what they want, what they love and how I can make them good student.


How can I secure my job?

I can secure my job by giving a better performance, by teaching the children with full devotion and interest and giving the best out of me. I should focus on achieving the maximum output from the children. I can secure my job by learning about every student and providing them counseling. I should pay special attention to weak students. I need to conduct parent-teacher meetings on regular basis.

What are the skills and courses required for this job?

I need to have the skills like excellent temperament and higher level of patience. I need to have good communication skills to convey my words to the students in an effective way. I need to have a good decision making power to take the decision during the lectures very quickly.

I should have a master degree in the field of education, moreover, first aid education certificate and know how about the safety measures to protect the students from any mishaps and a degree in Psychology is also required to understand the psyche of the students.

What are the obstacles that I encountered in finding this job?

I encountered many obstacles and hurdles in finding this job. I did not conduct a proper research to find the job that I want. Poor web browsing was an obstacle in my way to find a good job. Competition in the field was another hurdle that I faced because there were too many candidates applying for even a single vacancy.

What are the anticipated obstacles that I may encounter in the future?

The obstacles that I may encounter in the future may be that I become hyper while teaching my students. Teaching the students may look me very irritating. There is a possibility of ignoring my responsibilities. I may lose my passion. Children may become less interesting for me. Another big obstacle that I may anticipate in the future is to keep myself up to date and aware of the latest research and scientific developments.