Which aspects of Apple’s culture have helped it succeed in its global growth and which may have impeded it?

What might Apple learn from Samsung and Samsung learn from Apple? 

Factors that helped Apple succeed when it comes to culture: individual achievement is highly rewarded, exceeding corporate goals, and it is okay to shred somebody in the spirit of making the best product. Low manufacturing cost, 70% profit margin, also helped the company be stable financially. Apple also focuses on a few key products, has a loyal customer base, and has only one product line.

Some aspects also impeded it like having one product line, if there is a company more innovative and has something new to offer to the market, Apple will have to either change its products or become more creative. It lacks control over its suppliers and outsources most of its reduction processes. Sacrifices potential customers who are not concerned with the latest technology.

Apple may learn from Samsung by having more than one product line, being more innovative and making new features and producing in their own factories. Samsung may learn from Apple by encouraging individual rewards and focusing more on production lines that make the most profit.