This is an organization for club managers, I think you’ll see it’s an interesting compliment to this week’s reading.

Also, if you were to pick a job at one of Disney’s parks, which one would you choose, what position and why?

Website would support life time development and career development of students. Availability of material regarding the industry and work experience of managers who are present in the industry is great addition that would help to get an insight about the different dimensions of the industry. Availability of highly authentic education about the industry helps to explore the higher education standers. Online access to job opportunities and resources is good addition to define career path while present in the hospitality industry.

If I got an opportunity to work at Disney park I would pick cultural representative job. I would provide me a chance to closely study different types of culture present in the world. I can study pitiable food and beverages of different regions that help me to create magic for guests. 

Answer 2

The website is very unusual and interesting contents career opportunities, education, and relationship with the managers of hospitality industry made it worth for students. It allows an opportunity to share experience and learn tactics that help to made students develop professionalism and get groomed. Development of friendly relations with the club members and sharing of knowledge about the use of advanced technology would assist in carrying out successful operation while present in the hospitality industry.

I would prefer to work as an event attendant at Disney.  Working in that role would give me an opportunity to learn about customer service. Walt Disney Company has a unique way to treat its customers that I never experience at any other company.