IT Companies Leading Green Initiatives

  • Why did IBM instigate its sustainability programs in the 1970s?

During 1960’s environmental disasters happened which compelled IBM to initiate its sustainability programs. In 1976, the Canal Love disaster created waked up the nation and everyone wanted big corporates to share social responsibility. IBM was producing mainframe computers. They were manufacturing components that were causing large amount of benzene based material which are not environmental friendly. To minimize their wastes, IBM took the initiative to start their sustainability programs.


  • What goals should companies and large corporations include in their green initiatives?

There are a number of goals that companies and corporations should include in their green initiative. They should include focus on minimizing the environmental damage that might be caused by their production processes. The products also may prove when they are consumed by consumers. Companies and corporations must have an understanding of what happens to the wastes produced after the consumption of their products.