Solved Case Study: McLaughlin Salmon Works

  1. Identify the major issues in the case

The major issues are related to the operation of the fish farm. The installation of the pens, putting in the smelt and the way of feeding the fish are some of the major issues discussed in the case. In the case, John McLaughlin is trying to identify the relationship between food intake by the fish and weight gain.

  1. Identify an appropriate statistical analysis to perform

The Meta-analysis will be appropriate for the fish farming. The Meta-analysis is the scientific approach in which different scientific studies are evaluated to give results. The fish farming includes multiple activities and requires huge detail for the evaluation so in this case, Meta-analysis can give huge detail in this regard. As mentioned in the case they are looking for scientific approaches to raising the fish thus these scientific approaches can be computed using Meta-analysis.

  1. Explain Why you select the test you choose in 2

The fish farming includes the huge amount of activities that’s why Meta-analysis is appropriate. The Meta-analysis can calculate the huge amount of activities. The Meta-analysis combines different scientific studies, and in this case, they are choosing different scientific methods to raise fish, so it is appropriate to choose this method.

  1. State Appropriate null and alternative hypothesis for the statistical test you identified.

In Meta-analysis hypothesis is applied by using the summarized approximation. In this case, the summarized major issue will become the hypothesis of the Meta-analysis. From this, the result can be generated in detail. The major issue should be the hypothesis or related information because those issues are needed to be resolved.

  1. Perform the statistical test be sure to state the conclusion

When we perform the statistical test such as the Meta-analysis, it will provide the result. The scientific study conducted earlier is also evaluated in this because meta-analyses combine different studies. The conclusion drawn is that the combination should be according to the fish in the tank. One component mix will be appropriate, but its quantity should be according to the fish in the tank. Large fish should get a large amount of component & small fish get small.

  1. Is there one combination of mix and size progression that is superior to the other?

One combination mix or component mix for size progression is better because different combination mixes will increase the cost and huge time will require. However, the combination mix quantity can be change according to the need of the fish. This will not only save the cost but also the time will be saved as well.

  1. Summarize your analysis and findings

When we summarize the whole case, we will come to know that one combination mix is appropriate and this is finding by using the Meta-analysis method. The one combination will not take much time, and the cost will also not increase. The quantity of the one combination can be changed according to the need of the fish.