The information age has come with some benefits and challenges. The benefits of the information age include. First, individuals regardless of their background status, education background or race can get access to information. Also, the information age has improved the quality of life since in minimizes the effort one puts in performing certain obligations and maximizes the time for leisure and relaxation. Moreover, the information age has allowed individuals to perform their duties efficiently and even quicker. The efficiency levels have facilitated a reduction in costs. The information age has come with improved medicine that has facilitated longevity of life among people. Lastly, the information era has enabled abundance. The modern economy can facilitate sustenance and provision of water and food to most of its population which is larger compared to the previous generations.

The drawbacks are the challenges related to the information age. The first drawback is that the privacy levels have incredibly declined. Anyone can easily access one’s information online by a click of a button even if an individual has a private account hackers hack into the system and get your private information sharing it with the public. Also, addiction to computers and online communication platforms inhibits performance. The addiction can lead to a lack of interaction and minimal physical activities which translate to health complications later in life. The online communication has also allowed freedom of information access that has facilitated selling and buying of illegal goods such as weapons and drugs. The information freedom has facilitated individuals who want to join terrorist to do so freely.