In many definitions, human beings are seen as organisms that possess human attributes that represent the sympathies of human nature. In my understanding, humans cannot merely be differentiated by such a definition but rather humans have structures consisting the sensory organs, fore and hind limbs, brain, etc. from the historical records, humans possess some identity in genetic coding like that of apes, and this raises a concern that the human nature is not the ultimate reason as well as definition of human being. Moreover, a human being has the ability to express emotions, that is, love, anger, hate, etc. though animals too possess some of this abilities.

The major factor that uniquely makes human beings superior to other ‘beings’ on the earth is their ability to not only think rationally unlike the other beings, but we have the power to use that knowledge and an implementation of those thoughts in a bid to attain higher levels of accomplishment and success. According to Cockburn (2008) it was idea of Allah or otherwise known as Subhanawo.Wa.Ta’aala to create humans or Khalif and He told his angels about the same. He began by creating Hazrat Adam and thought him the naming of different things in the heaven.  It is believed that Adam actively participated in a competition against the angels and through his ability for rational thinking he discovered and outlined the names of materials that angels did not know.

There are indeed numerous interpretations regarding what it means to be human. Researchers and psychologists around the globe have outlined different positions and points of view regarding this matter. For instance, Albert Einstein, a renowned Physicist, believes that being a human is an aspect surrounding the most key human endeavors and striving for morality in their actions. Human inner balance as well as the ideal existence duly depends on it. According to Royal Institute of Philosophy (2008) it is only morality for every aspect of human actions that adds beauty and dignity to live. Indeed, this is a subjective fact that outlines human behavior and with no doubt I believe in the existence of one accurate definition of ‘human.’ Characteristically, being human is not defined by having ears, heart, neither is it by being wealthy, but rather being human is defined by the ability to differentiate between what is right or wrong.

A human being ought to have the capability to differentiate and possibly gauge how ethical and appropriate a decision is. A right thinking human does not always accept whatever they see or are told but should have the capacity to know the right. From this fact, we can raise questions about the existence of groups like the terrorists. One would always wonder whether they predestined terrorists. However, such extremists are not predestined, and furthermore they are not born but they are made. Many poor people in the Asian countries are lured to join extremists groups in a bid to gain wealth through unscrupulous means (Royal Institute of Philosophy, 2008). We must always recognize that terrorists too are humans, but their way of doing things is unethical. By virtue of being human, it is defined by the ability to think rationally and critically. From a simple judgment, they have none of these abilities, and hence there is no difference between such persons and animals. A rational human ought to think beyond the critical material things of the world.

In general, all persons have diverse definitions, beliefs and thoughts of what it means to be human. It is for a fact that we are duly in this world for outlined responsibilities and purposes. Now that humans are superior to other beings, in the sense that they are able to think rationally as well as the capability to differentiate right and wrong, our lives are dependent on what we think, what decisions we adopt, and how we decide. Moreover, this is further enhanced by the means in which we apply our natural skills to make decisions and indeed make the optimal choice. However, we could have failed in one way or another in terms of not having fulfilled our responsibilities and have not shown ourselves to be responsible human beings (Royal Institute of Philosophy, 2008). As a mitigation measure, we humans ought to establish relationships as well as connections with one another. Besides, it is our duty to respect and accept morality with a dedication to in proving ourselves as responsible a creation. We must without any delays come back to the drawing board and re-energize our focus on the responsibilities and purposes for which we are bestowed upon in this world.


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