Many people find that the mouse is impractical for use as a pointing device on a laptop computer. Describe at least three (3) alternatives.

​1) Joy Stick: This can be used an alternative to mouse and it has set of functions that can be used as alternative to mouse. This is a very popular case with gamers.
​2) Touch Screen: With the rapid advancements of technology, once can opt for a touch screen device instead of using a conventional mouse to navigate and click on the screen.
​3) Touch pad: A touch pad detects the motion of our fingers and the pointer on the screen also moves accordingly. This is already used in laptops.

What do you think are the health issues and health risks associated with excessive computer use? In your estimation describe what you consider is excessive computer use.

The common health issues due to excessive use of computers are headache, vision problem, stress disorders, obesity due to sitting at one place for longer and lack of motion. Excessive use of computers means that the usage is more than what is required. For example, playing games for longer, using internet excessively, watching movies, etc.