Read, listen to, and watch the sources for the opera composers. Describe the major influences that Verdi, Wagner, or Puccini exerted upon opera in terms of making it more innovative, realistic, and even controversial.  Speculate on how audiences may have reacted to the work of this composer.


I really enjoyed the Triumphal March from Aida by Verdi. The music and its theme were lively and the dancers the way they moved made you feel the music. I would speculate the audience to have been unable to sit still in their seats watching this. The piece made me want to get up adjoin in the dance.


When I got to Tristan by Wagner, now that was a totally different venue. I was glad it was dubbed in English although you could almost understand what he was saying as he came onto the stage with such a forceful voice and almost vengeance. By far my favorite of the three.