Windows Applications

AccessData FTK Imager

The tools is developed by AccessData. This tools scans the hard drive to scan for deleted emails. This toolkit also can save the whole hard drive in one image file. The main weakness is that the tool may not fully recover emails at all attempts.

Registry Viewer

This software is developed by AccessData. It helps view the system files of windows operating system. The main strength of this tools is it is lightweight and can assist in browsing the system registry files.


Wireshark was developed by The Wireshark Team. This is a software that can analyze the communication protocols and network traffic. The main strength is that this is an open source and free software. Developers from around the world can help in improving the software. Its weakness is that this is an analyzer tool. Meaning it will not warn if there is an unauthorized intrusion into the computer network.


This application is developed by Netresec. This tool works on both Windows and Linux. The tool is useful in used in network analysis to detect the operating systems, open ports and hostnames. The main strength of this tool is that it utilizes an algorithm which does not put any traffic on the network itself to make the desired analysis.


Frédéric Baguelin, Solal Jacob and Jérémy Mounie are the developers of DFF or Digital Forensic Framework. This is an open source application which is used to assist the court of law via digital evidence. Its strength is that it is available in GUI or Graphical User Interface which makes it easy for a non-professional to benefit from it.