You are the assistant to the CEO of a small textile firm that manufactures quality, premium-priced, stylish clothing. The CEO has decided to see what the opportunities are for exporting and has asked you for advice as to the steps the company should take. What advice would you give to the CEO?

In light of the fact that CEO has indicated his intention as export the production we assume that he would not be interested in branding and selling the product in local markets and also that he is keen in exporting its product. As I have been asked for advice, so my first step would be to tapping into some of the government information sources that are available online that are free of charge, to check good international market for the company product. I would take help of resources which can easily checked on internet, as it would help in knowing about the foreign market potential of their products. Another approach would be taking an assistance from an export management company, and as it would be paid service so would involve cost. Expertise services can even tell whether it is worthy or not to export, and also help in providing details on initiating an export program. On the basis of collected information I would advise the CEO.

Answer 2: I would start by addressing the organizational goals and the mission. By understanding where the company plans to be in the future, this will help illuminate if the change is not only possible or profitable, but if so- then what location? I would show that if the new changes could happen at an affordable price, then perhaps we could improve profit! This would benefit stakeholders and customers, because if we had lower costs we could lower the costs of the products slightly as well!