For this week I have been assigned “Ain’t I a Woman?” written by Sojourner Truth. We are to compare the reading we have been assigned to a previous reading in our lessons. I believe that “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” written by Langston Hughes has a few parts that are in comparison to the assigned reading.

Symbolism, voice and tone are being used in “Ain’t I a Woman?” as well as “The Negro Speaks of Rivers. I am not comparing the two by having the same meaning but instead how the authors in both are writing to move the reader and gearing towards the emotions as well. Both essays provide a character’s story to show the hardships and the issues that are being faced in today’s society.  Both are showing powerful movements one in a metaphor and one in society.

The tone in both is showing, power, strength, dignity, sadness and fearfulness. Going against the social norms and speaking for something that is looked down upon in society in the times that these essays were written were completely forbidden. The symbolism is made known by the authors by how they describe the characters in detail and what they are standing for. The provide an image of strength during times that people were losing faith in society because of the way societies norms were.

One is a poem and one is an essay. I believe that the poem connects more on the dramatic effect of the point being made by the author and the essay is more descriptive of point the author is making


McKissack, Pat, 1944-2017. Sojourner Truth : Ain’t I a Woman? New York :Scholastic, 1992.