www.mathisfun.com defines ratio as it “shows the relative sizes of two or more values.”  As an adult, we can figure this out, but how would you explain this to a child?  What examples would you provide them?  Why?  


Answer 1: If I want to explain this I can probably fill a glass of water to half, and show that the ratio of water is ½ of the whole glass. This is an easy example to be used to show a child, then fill up more for example till 3/4 and also explain the difference between the first and second.

Answer 2: When explaining ratio to a child we have to think of something easy and memorable. We can look at a group of people that has for example 5 boys and 3 girls. The ratio of boys to girls is 5:3. We can also say that the total is 8 people, so boys are 5/8 and girls are 3/8. This is a simple example a child can easily understand and relate to, and with practice they will be applying this to other things.