Government agencies and corporations have similar information needs. Identify and briefly discuss specific examples of information systems typically used by a law enforcement agency such as a state or local police department. Which of these systems are used to “run” the business? Which are used to fulfill the agency’s mission?


The National Law Enforcement Telecommunications Systems

This is a crucial system that creates a link between the existing federal agencies so as to allow an easier exchange of criminal justice information. Through the integrated systems, all criminal justice agencies can access crucial information about a case even from a different state. The system is very crucial in advancing the rule of law and ensuring that law and order is maintained. The system is used by various state police, and the federal agencies available across the United States. By automatic information and making it interconnected, the agencies are able to easily liaise across state lines and easily exchange information since it is a distributed system.

Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems

The integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System is a system that contains a database of all the fingerprints that are captured after arrests are made in the city, county, state, and federal levels. The system is maintained by the FBI and it is not limited to arrests as it also stores latent print found at crime scenes, fingerprint that are captured during background checks done in the process of licensing, employment, among others. The system is crucial state and local police department because any fingerprint check is usually adopted through the use of the IAFIS system.



Geographical Information Systems

The incorporation of the geographical information system has proven to be a great game changer and this is because under this system law enforcement agencies must be able to locate and map crimes across various location. In case of any reported ongoing crime, the system is able to aid the police the exact location of a distress call. The system also allows the easier tracking of officers during work, get statistics of the number of crime and also identify the different types of crime. For the police department, this system is essential in aiding it attain the mission of maintain law and order.

National Uniform Crime Reporting System

Apart from all the identified systems, one of the most important information systems that is crucial to a police department as it creates a platform for easily managing incidences that are reported. For every crime incident that is reported, variety of date such as the location of the incident, the characteristics of the offender, and victims, nature and types of specific offenders in incident among others.