Physical Punishment

Punishment has been used as a tool over the centuries to force children learn at schools and at homes. In my opinion this method of teaching has been more a form of inducing fear and obedience than merely a learning process. Children have been beaten and threatened to obey command from teachers and parents. In my opinion aggression towards children arises negative emotions in children which is counterproductive in terms of producing a negative visible behavior.

I believe that as a result of physical punishment these children become stubborn and reactive. They are exposed to anger which cause their own behavior to become aggressive which may cause developmental challenges during their future life. These children might engage in fights with their same age children at schools or in their localities. These children might be involved in violent activities that my cause problems with the law enforcing authorities and they might end up in jails.

I don’t know what parents expect when they are trying to solve issues related to their children welfare with physical punishment. The children get a signal to engage in violent behavior whenever faced with decision making and problem solving situations. These children are punished for their mistakes and they punish others when they make mistakes.

For a moment let’s suppose that physical punishment works, then shouldn’t the third world countries that are still using physical punishment as a tool to teach be more advanced than most of the developed countries where physical punishment at homes and schools have been banned? Why are the schools in most of the developed countries yielding the desired results while those of the third world countries are failing?

In conclusion, I have no doubt in my mind that physical punishment is a part of the past. It should be banned everywhere to let the children pass through their developmental stages with a positive mindset so that they can have a healthy life both physically and psychologically. Our children are our futures and we don’t want to beat up our future.